2020 - 2021 Registration Policy

We are opening registration on August 26th, 2020 to assess how many members will be coming back and in what leagues they are interested in curling in.  Registration will remain open for returning members until September 14th, at which time it will be extended to allow registration by the wider public.

With the realization that we may need to further adjust to the pandemic and the financial pressures many are experiencing, we have decided to open our registration with the following special provisions:

  • Registration will be broken into two distinct seasons: Fall 2020 (October through December 2020) and Winter 2021(January through March 2021).  Our typical annual membership and league fees will be accordingly pro-rated to each season based upon the number of anticipated sessions of play falling within each of the distinct seasons for each league. 
  • Our current registration will be restricted to participation in the Fall 2020 season.  The registration fees are proposed but we will not be finalizing and requesting payment until our rental rates from King Township have been finalized.  Please do not make payment at this time. Select the option on the payment step to Continue to Member's Home.  
  • A second distinct registration will be held in December for those members wishing to play in the Winter 2021 season (January through March 2021). The Winter 2021 season may have further operational refinements and associated fees should the bar / lounge use be reinstated.  
  • We will be making a few changes to league format and draw times to allow for a 30 minute cleaning break and safe exit and entrance of members between draws;
  • On conclusion of registration we may need to adjust or consolidate some league and draw times dependent upon registration levels but will advise impacted members in advance of requiring fee payment. When payment is due, you will be notified.  At that time, returning members that have a coupon from last season, will be asked to apply the coupon towards your Fall 2020 membership/league fees.

As mentioned, fees will not be collected until the format of leagues is confirmed to be compliant with government regulations. You will be notified by email of any adjustments we need to make to league / draw times and when fees are due.

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