Pace of Play Incentive for Team Entry Leagues

Revised Sept. 2018

Goal; The goal of the incentive is to encourage faster pace of play and to ultimately have teams playing a full 8 end game. Fast play leads to a much more enjoyable curling experience.


  • For Team Entry Leagues only, teams that play quickly will be rewarded for quick play with ½ point extra if they meet the criteria listed below during Regular League play. The ½ point will be added to your game point standings After any adjustment for prorating of divisions is applied for League Rankings.
  • Both Teams will receive ½ point each
  • A minimum of 6 ends must be completed for incentive points to be awarded
  • For 2017-18 season this rule will be reviewed prior to Dec 31, 2017 and a decision to carry on or remove this rule will be made by the Leagues Committee

Ways to score pace of play points:

  • A game in which 8 ends are completed. Congratulations!!!!

     The 8th end must have started within the allotted scheduled time(8:45pm or 10:55pm)or earlier.

  • A game in which the teams have completed 7 ends prior to the scheduled allotted time (8:45pm or 10:55pm) and BOTH Teams mutually agree to end the game.
  • A game in which the teams have completed 6 ends at least 15minutes ahead of the scheduled allotted time (8:30pm or 10:40pm), and BOTH Teams mutually agree to end the game

Vices must report the extra points when completing the scorecard in the clubhouse. Number of ends completed and game end time must be recorded on scorecard. Points will be awarded based on scorecards. However the League Convener will have final say in awarding or removing points in the event of a discrepancy or abuse of the rule.


  • Allotted scheduled time: No new end can begin after 8:45 for the early draw or 10:55 for the late draw. This means that the first rock of the end must be delivered while the clock still reads 8:45 or 10:55 or earlier
  • Completed # ends: After the final rock has been delivered and has come to rest, and both Vices have agreed on the score the end will be deemed complete. The time on the clock will need to be recorded and must not have exceeded the allotted scheduled time.

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