General House Rules and Guidelines

Revised Sept. 2018

In the interest of Fun, Fair Play and Good Sportsmanship all King Curling Club curlers are reminded that:

  1.  The clock on the ice will be considered the official timepiece for the Club.
  1.  Skips should ensure their teams are ready to play 10 minutes prior to game time.  A game may start if a team has three players and may add a fourth player in their regular position only at the start of a new end.  Teams without a minimum of 2 regular team members will forfeit the game.
  1. Whenever possible the ice will be ready for play 5 min. before the scheduled game time.  Teams should be ready to enter the Ice area and assume play as quickly as possible. Teams are encouraged to start game as early as possible and encourage quick play to increase the likelihood that eight ends may be played.
  1.  League games are a maximum of eight ends.  Ties are not broken.
  1.  5 Rock Free Guard Zone Rule will be in play for all Leagues.
  1.  In playoffs, tie games will be decided by a "measure and remove" draw to the button towards the glass.  One throw per team will be take place with sweeping. For Team Entry Leagues, skips should confirm this rule with League Convener  
  1.  If a team is not present or does not have 3 players by 5 min after the official start time,

the non-offending team will be awarded the end and two points in first end.  In that case, game play would start in the second end.  

  1.  If a team does not have at least three players by 15 min. after the start time, the game will considered as a forfeit.  The skips may then chose to play an exhibition game or not or practice in any manner they so chose. Skips are expected to notify the opposing skip well in advance if they are going to forfeit a game.
  1.  Skips shall follow the guidelines to encourage a good speed of play in order for eight ends to be played within the allotted time. Team Entry Teams refer to specific League rules for possible “pace of play” incentive points.
  1.  In the case of the evening 7-9 and 9-11 draws, no new end is permitted to begin after 8:45pm on the earlier draw or 10:55 on the late draw.  That is, the first rock of the end must be released while the clock still reads 8:45 or 10:55 or earlier. Ice maintenance often takes time from the 9pm draw. Consequently, the allotted time has been adjusted to compensate on the late draw.
  1. Vices are responsible for agreeing on the score in an end before any rocks are moved. Vices will perform the measure where needed.  All other players should stay out of the house until the results of the measure are agreed upon.

Note: These are General House Rules and Guidelines. Teams are encouraged to check with League Conveners for any league specific rules that may be in place.

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