Return to Play Safety Plan (Jan 2022)



                                                                      RETURN TO PLAY SAFETY PLAN 

                                                                                   January 31, 2022 



  • Mandatory masks 
  • Encouraging hand-sanitizing and hand washing regularly 
  • Social distancing -6 feet apart 
  • Maintaining clean surfaces throughout the club 
  • The lounge and bar will be closed at least until mid-February 2022


  • All members or visitors to the Trisan Centre must complete a Township of King Screening Tool at to answer questions regarding  symptoms of COVID-19 and show reception their ‘checkmark’ that they have  been cleared to enter into the facility 
  • All members must also provide to reception an enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code. 


  • Masks are to worn by everyone at all times 
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times 
  • The lounge and bar will be closed however members may use the lounge to change their footwear and access the ice surface while maintaining a reduced capacity of 50 percent of 32 people. 
  • We are recommending that members come dressed to play and change only their footwear at the club.  
  • If members decide to use the locker area, they must maintain social  distancing and wear masks at all times. It will be up to the members who use  the locker area to self-police these requirements. 
  • Games will be starting at alternating ends to help maintain social distancing.
  • While playing all players must follow the process of movement and stand in designated locations marked on the ice. There is signage in the lounge and  on the home end of each sheet of ice which explains the process.   
  • There will be a limit of 1 sweeper and no sweeping past the tee line. • There will 2 designated players per sheet to return the rocks to the backboards at the completion of each end. 
  • Each sheet must designate 1 player to put up the score on the board for both teams. 
  • The bar and lounge will be closed until mid-February 2022 at which time this will be  reviewed and a decision will be made by the BOD to reopen or extend the  closure. 


  • KCC has set up a new email account  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for  members to report if they are experiencing any symptoms within 48 hours  of being at the club. This email will be monitored by a designated Board  member. 
  • If any member reports that they have symptoms after attending the club  the designated Board member will reach out to the convenor of the league in which the player was participating in and ask that the convenor notify all members who were present during that draw that they may have  been exposed to a possible case of COVID-19 
  • All members are being informed to stay home if they have any symptoms  of COVID-19 and to err on the side of caution.  If in doubt stay home.   


  • Review changes and take action if we recognize any areas for improvement.
  • Listen to recommendations or suggestions from members. 
  • Board to review safety plan at monthly meetings and make any changes as deemed necessary
  • All changes to the plan will be communicated to the members via the KCC website, mass email to members, and signage.

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